Garmin smartwatches are up to 52 percent off at Amazon for today only

2021.10.24 11:48 Imaorange410 Garmin smartwatches are up to 52 percent off at Amazon for today only

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2021.10.24 11:48 _wuve_ My biggest fear

It isn't my pain getting worse,that's happened before and I'm still standing. It isn't being prescribed more meds, or my meds being reduced. It isn't yet another doctors vist with no awnser. It isn't more blood tests and long waits in the hospital. It isn't another day left unable to do things I want to do.
It's my friends or family getting chronic pain. I don't want to see them go through what I've been through; the sleepless nights, coming to terms with the pain, learning how to keep it in check. I don't want to see anyone I know have to walk the path I'm on because it's a horrible path and it's messed me up so badly.
I'm not religious, I lost faith in a good God years ago, but sometimes when I can't sleep, when the pains hardest to handle, I pray. To the universe, or to whatever God may be listening. I pray that the ones I love never see how broken I really am. That they never have to understand what it's like to be broken like this. To understand how much the pains killed me. That they live out the rest of their lives pain free.
Tonight is one of those nights.
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2021.10.24 11:48 ColdButts Did y'alls' steam heat get turned on yet?

Donno about you but my place has been getting pretty frigid at night.
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2021.10.24 11:48 00exiagundam HGGBB Perfect Strike Freedom

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2021.10.24 11:48 HamishWarne Brentford 1 - [2] Leicester City - Maddison 73'

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2021.10.24 11:48 AssholeNeighborVadim I have a bad idea. DM me any sentence and I'll judge you for it.

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2021.10.24 11:48 EDMLiveset Tough Love - Get Twisted Radio 248

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2021.10.24 11:48 playwhenimdurnk Clearly Signature Sunday. Donruss Clearly Autos!

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2021.10.24 11:48 PARPAC Viral Youngkin video was FAKE

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2021.10.24 11:48 OpusTales [WP] "You can take the red pill or the blue pill, the choice is yours," they said and handed you the box. You opened the box and saw three shining pills. "What about the green pill?" you asked. "The what?" A look of puzzlement crossed their face.

"You may take the red or blue pill. The choice is yours."
The stern-faced fae, Instructor Valorie, handed the box marked "Power Capsules" to me. I looked inside and frowned. I may have been a certified idiot, but I did know two things.

  1. There were three pills in that box, not two.
  2. None of them were red.
"You can only take one capsule, right?" I asked.
"Weren't you paying attention during the briefing?" the Instructor asked.
"Not really," I admitted. "Other things on my mind."
"You take two pills," she said. "The yellow pill contains a 'neutralizer' that prevents the side effects that normally come with taking a power capsule."
"Right. And if I take the red and blue pills at once, something bad happens, right?"
"Kind of," she said. "They'll neutralize each other and you won't be able to tap into any of your hidden powers. By the law of the Veil, humans are only allowed this choice once. So, if you goof off and down everything in the box as a joke, you'll never get any powers, period."
"All right," I said. "But what about the green pill?"
"The what?"
"The green pill," I said. "There's a blue and a green pill in here. Is there a mistake?"
Instructor Valorie yanked the box out of my hands and stared at the pills inside. Then her face contorted with anger.
"Very funny," she said, handing the box back to me. "The box contains a red and blue pill, just like it does for every other adult."
"Um..." The green pill was still in the box. So were the blue and yellow pills.
For a moment, excitement raced through my body. Could it be? Did I already have active dimensional sight and could see alternate possibilities? If that were the case, taking the blue pill would give me mental power beyond my wildest dreams!
"Can I ask a question?" I asked.
"About the pills?" asked Instructor Valorie.
"Kind of," I said, pulling out the green pill. "This is red, correct?"
I gestured to the red token I wore on a chain around my neck.
"And this is also red, correct?"
I held the pill in front of the token.
"Which means these are both the same color, correct?"
"Are you trying to be obtuse!?" the Instructor yelled. "Of COURSE they're the same color!"
"Instructor... you're colorblind."
"The coin is red, but the pill is green," I said with a smile. "They look like the same color to you, but not to others. The 'red' pills have been green the whole time."
"They have not! Otherwise, it would--!"
The Instructor's sentence caught in her throat and she raised a hand to her mouth.
"No," she said, yanking the box away from me and dashing towards the door. "No, no, no, NO!"
"What? What's the matter?" I yelled, dashing after her. "What do the green pills do!?"
"I've been sorting the pills by myself for a month!" She was ignoring me as she stomped down the hallway towards the labs at the back of the building. "A month! And nobody thought to check if--!"
"Val, calm down!" called a centaur scientist who the Instructor had half-shoved aside. "What's the rush?"
"I've been giving the humans green pills!"
"What are you talking about!?" he asked. "Why!?"
"She's colorblind!" I said. "She can't tell the difference between red and green!"
"But that's a human condition," the centaur said. "Magical beings don't--"
"Magical beings can apparently get it too," I called over my shoulder before thrusting the door of the back lab open. Inside were dozens of bottles of identically-sized pills, all different shades, none of them labeled. In the corner, Valorie was on her knees, cradling a large jar of green pills to her chest.
"They're green, aren't they?" she said without turning around.
"Yep," I said. "Green as a Christmas tree."
"You must have been a terrible student, or you'd remember what they were for."
"Euthanasia?" I guessed with a flip of my stomach. That made the Instructor whip her head at me and scowl.
"Don't joke about that," she said.
"Wasn't a joke," I said.
"I'm glad," she said. She sighed and her gaze returned to the jar in her lap. "Green pills unlock the kinds of powers we'd been doing our best to seal away for the protection of everybody. Things like resistance to wet weather, increased stealth, a sixth sense for valuable items..."
"Goblin powers," I said.
"Yes," she said. "And now we have dozens of people running amok with a growing Goblin streak inside their brains. All because of me."
I step forward and took a breath.
"In that case, I want to take the green pill," I said.
"What?" she said. "Why would you want Goblin powers?"
"It takes a Goblin to know a Goblin," I said. "And I'm joining the police force to stop Goblins. May as well think a bit more like one."
"Geezus, you'd be suited for that, too."
"What's that supposed to mean?"
Instructor Valorie stared at me with a stony face.
"If I give this to you, you'll be considered corrupted," she said. "I'll be removed from my position."
"You're going to be removed from your position anyway," I said.
"I know."
"So hand over the jar."
Instructor Valorie hung her head and held up the jar for me to take. With a grin so bright it could have lit up the dark room, I grabbed a fistful of pills and downed them all at the same time.
"Are you out of your mind!?" the Instructor screeched, diving at me. She spent a few moments wrestling the jar out of my arms, but it was too late. The skin on my arms was already turning a murky shade of green.
"Like I said, it takes a Goblin to know a Goblin," I said. "But a human can get pretty close if they want to."
With that, I snapped my fingers and disappeared in a puff of smoke, leaving only a single cherry-colored token behind.
For more weirdness, visit OctOpusTales !
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2021.10.24 11:48 BeastlyIguana Fuck I was editing the pink one in the corner send footy 🥵🥵

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2021.10.24 11:48 tellmemytype Am I even an INTJ? help me out on this one

I know for sure my perceiving axis are Se-Ni and my judging axis are Te-Fi. ENTJ and ESFP are out of questions because, all my life I have been very internal. So that leaves us with INTJ and ISFP. This is where it gets tricky cause I cant figure out the dominant function. After reading various articles and forums, it seems that ISFPs can confuse themselves as an INTJ and not the other way around.
Allow me to present some information that could be helpful in coming to a conclusion( if my statements seem inaccurate please correct me)
Indifference. All my life I have been feeling this towards others and couldn't exactly understand what it was. This was highly prevalent as a child, hence made me a social outcast. It doesnot mean I was robotic, I wanted to be with other kids and play with them, I wanted to throw tantrums when I didnt get what I wanted, etc etc. I wanted things to matter to me, so I could be explosive too, but I could never simulate that.
As I have matured I have learnt to integrate with others, but this apathy is always there. Recently I rescued a sick kitten, tended to her with all the care and effort I could give; she died; and the first thing I did was planning how to clean up and dispose her body. Then I cried, for her and also because of the guilt. I am not disliked by my loved ones, but they sure see me as a selfish individual. I understand relationships as an exchange of time and energy, I am very possessive of my time and energy, so when I do interact with others I see it as an investment and possibly an act of love? I dont like talking about this because most of the people don't understand why. Is this Fi dom Fe critic; or Fe blind spot.
Also, my insecurities doesn't lie in the realm of extroverted thinking, I think. I had to meditate on this one. I have noticed a pattern, its about things going wrong in the world. I remember crying as an 8 year old because I was unsure where I put my shoes, if I dont find it what will I wear to school, what if it got mixed up with other kids shoes, if I wore others shoes my feet would smell, etc etc. A very anxious kid haha. We had a storm yesterday and winds blew very hard. Branches could be weak now so better not stand under the trees. I cannot figure out, is it Se inferior or is it trying the best to avoid possible Ne blind spot incidents. Though these might just be because I am a neurotic person.
I always have to be prepared, I always have stuff for emergency in my bag, do I do reckless stuff like climbing down a 3 stories building? Yes, but only when I know I am confident in it.
This is all I have to say for now. let me know your thoughts. Also some make connections with enneagram some dont; but my enneagram is 5w6.

If this post lacks enough points let me know what more to add
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2021.10.24 11:48 zitr0y Auxkabel Megathread

Hey, wir hatten ja gestern schon angekündigt, dass die Auxkabel-threads heute etwas in ihrer Fähigkeit, die Frontpage zu übernehmen, eingeschränkt werden. Darum könnt ihr ab jetzt all eure Spotistats hier im Thread posten und vergleichen, außerhalb ist das erstmal nicht mehr erlaubt.
Wer mitmachen möchte:
Spotistats für Android
Spotistats für Apple
Andere Apps bzw. Statistiken für andere Musikspieler sind natürlich auch willkommen!
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2021.10.24 11:48 Vegetable-Gene-979 Move by BTS

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2021.10.24 11:48 ProfessorUnrat 65 [M4F] Would you like company for Wednesday's Steely Dan concert, and/or dinner beforehand

I live outside the city, but come in now and then for events. Wednesday I pan to go to a museum, have dinner (Chinatown?), attend the Steely Dan concert. If you would be interested in joining a semi-retired professor for any of the above, say hi via a message. I'm a pleasant conversation partner, am vaccinated with a booster, and I mask indoors.
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2021.10.24 11:48 Ok_Professor7768 Dasher direct card question

Can someone direct me to others with dasher direct card questions please? Im new here!
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2021.10.24 11:48 georgiafan14 Looking for advice on aftermath of Traeger grease fire , should I be concerned about the drum where the is paint peeling off?

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2021.10.24 11:48 Harry-is-awesome A mobile game glitched out and gave me 23,000 gems

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2021.10.24 11:48 Nisiom First piece of a small suite I've been working on. Feedback greatly appreciated, and thanks for listening <3

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2021.10.24 11:48 lurdakopse eBay Black Friday Discount

Here is the eBay Black Friday Discount
And also you can find more coupon codes, deals, discounts, promo codes on there.
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2021.10.24 11:48 mallard_lover Wait some injuries out? What should I do with 1 free transfer? Please help 😅

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2021.10.24 11:48 VitorAntonio10 1983 Opel Corsa Sprint by Irmscher (Group B Prototype)

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2021.10.24 11:48 Rasrati Modded montage showcase

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2021.10.24 11:48 easton_a Proud of my husband!

My husband and I are at the age where a bunch of our friends are having kids, and since we have kids, we have lots of conversations about any and all things baby-related.
The last two times we spoke with friends who were having boys, my husband was the first one to ask, “are you circumcising?” Luckily, the answer was “no” both times, so we didn’t have to discuss the topic further, other than general agreement among all parties that circumcision was both unnecessary and cruel.
The thing is, husband is cut while I’m not (plot twist: we’re both dudes!) I’ve been anti-circ since I can remember, and he never gave too much thought to the topic before he met me. I was one of the only intact guys he’d been with. I’m proud that he came to realize why infant circumcision is wrong, and how he’s willing to speak out against it (even with his parents!)
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2021.10.24 11:48 Annual_Week9355 Since, they refuse to announce this roster. Just wanted to acknowledge how good this edit is.

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