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Day 22-24: Extinct, Leak, Open - IG: @thorny.wallflower

2021.10.24 13:24 thorny-wallflower Day 22-24: Extinct, Leak, Open - IG: @thorny.wallflower

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2021.10.24 13:24 ImARealSchloopeR Question about calciners on mobile

Hi folks! I just picked the game back up again after a very long break after discovering the mobile version since it's a lot easier for me to play on mobile than browser. After doing some brushing up on info on the wiki though, I noticed a few discrepancies between what was listed there for the effects of building a calciner and what is listed in the mobile version. The wiki has minerals consumption at -1.5 ter tick, but the mobile version has it at -7.5 per tick, which is quite a big difference. Similarly, the oil consumption per tick listed in the wiki is -0.024 while on mobile it's -0.12. Have these numbers been changed in game and just not updated on the wiki? Did I miss the effects of an upgrade? Thanks for your help!
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2021.10.24 13:24 freeLettuceTaker Official New 3DS XL replacement stylus?

I lost my stylus for my New 3DS XL, and I saw that Nintendo was officially selling replacement styluses for the 3DS family. However, I noticed that they didn't have the New XL, only the small New and the original XL. Does the New XL have the same size stylus as either of these or will I have to settle for an unofficial replacement?
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2021.10.24 13:24 JCB_91 Hiking 80 Miles on the South West Coast Path in Cornwall

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2021.10.24 13:24 tomscapp Help

My puppy was running and slid into the couch hitting his face kinda hard and now his eye is swollen it looks like cherry eye but I’m not sure if that is a cause of cherry eye. He’s about 12 weeks, English bull dog. My vets office is closed on Sundays so no one is there to take a call. Have any of you heard such a thing?
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2021.10.24 13:24 Rusakii ue

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2021.10.24 13:24 reddelicious77 After ~20 years, finally - my dream of owning a WRX has come true.

IIRC, the WRX was released in North America around 2002 or so. I was a young 20 something, and I would (regularly) dream about buying one. Of course, like most early somethings in college, I could barely afford a scale model of one, never mind the real thing, so it never happened. But, over the years I watched it evolve and the dream still lived inside me.
Now about 20 years, this baby is mine. OK, so I have a wife and kids, so things are a bit different now, but hey it's still pretty practical (4 doors and surprisingly large cabin inside!). Most importantly though, it's my 'fun' car. We still have our family SUV that we'll be keeping, so I get to enjoy this whenever I want. And WOW - What. A. Phucking. Blast. Man.... The 6 speed MT is just such a pleasure. And damn, when you hit around 2K RPM going into 2nd, DAMN. What a rocket.
Yeah, I'm raising the average age of drivers here in my city (salesman told me it's mostly 25-35 yr old buyers.) But, whatever - I'm in my early 40's, but I feel like that early 20 something.
I just couldn't be happier.
Any recommendations, anyone? I'm a bit surprised how - 'bland' the brake responsiveness is... I guess I was expecting 'stickier' brakes for lack of a better term. Any point in upgrading them?
(also, whew, that smell when I back up - I swear I'm not riding the clutch that much, but I mean it's bloody hard when you're trying to *slowly* reverse.)
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2021.10.24 13:24 sidenoize Ableton deep house template - Free midi and presets from project in product description

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2021.10.24 13:24 MAUI____ Lonely vibes deluxe

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2021.10.24 13:24 Parking_Aerie1331 It’s that simple. Invest now!

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2021.10.24 13:24 Theweedmann New PS Gold headset

I’ve been using these headset since day 1 on the ps4 while playing apex and it has been amazing specially to locate where the enemies are exactly , now that i got the ps5 the sound is way too different and i couldn’t know where each sound comes from, do you guys know how to fix this please?
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2021.10.24 13:24 Seraphina_95 I love getting engaged to and marrying this precious adorable man!😍❤

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2021.10.24 13:24 _LordBananas_ We should have the option to switch online characters to offline characters

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2021.10.24 13:24 Brilliant-Thing9607 LF hoopa IGN - Jin —-Friend code - 3351-5087-5244

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2021.10.24 13:24 Blackhawks2017 [Serious] What fact is so mind-boggling and surreal, that you refuse to believe it, even though you know it's true?

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2021.10.24 13:24 -sugarii- thank you {◍ ´꒳` ◍} !

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2021.10.24 13:24 sidenoize Ableton deep house template - Free midi and presets from project in product description

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2021.10.24 13:24 COFFEISADRUG69 Hey

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2021.10.24 13:24 ishandesai Please review my resume for software engineering intern also for sophomore internship please review please please i want to apply as soon as possible computer science
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2021.10.24 13:24 teresh_vasyl Jenna Ortega - American Eagle Fall 2021

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2021.10.24 13:24 oranjemania Ajax [1]-0 PSV - Berghuis

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2021.10.24 13:24 BadAssWinchester UPDATE FOR [I(18m) decide to cut my homophobic mom(40f) out of my life , do I tell her or just cut all contact?]

Obligatory LINK
Later after I made that post I sent my mother a text telling her that until she can accept me or at least keep her vile opinions to herself she isn't welcome in my life then blocked her. I was home with my step mom at the time so I got a big hug from her and was able to talk/vent to her. She helped my dad raise me from 6 onwards and has always been there for me, she is my true mom. I texted my dad to let him know that I took his advice and blocked her just in case she did something crazy and showed up at his work.
When he came home he surprised me with my favorite take out and my boyfriend. So needless to say I got all the comfort/love that night from the people who actually matter.
Sadly I got a certified letter yesterday from my mother that doubled down on her hate but it just provide that I made the right choice in cutting contact. It's been such a relief not waking or going to bed with a hate-filled message from her and anything I get in the mail in the future will go through my dad first.
Thanks everyone
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2021.10.24 13:24 bleedthebookie NASCAR Playoffs

Twitter: @bleedthebookie (NASCAR Record: 29-25)
DiBenedetto (-110) > Dillon
Harvick (-110) > Reddick
Elliott (-120) > Blaney
Keselowski (-120) > Logano
Suarez (-115) > Briscoe
Hamlin (-115) > Kyle Busch
Bowman (-105) > Bell
Truex Jr (+125) > Byron
Buescher (-120) > Almirola
Custer (+115) > Wallace
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2021.10.24 13:24 SpecialAgentBoolin The same note played endlessly

Same sad song today. Same old fears and thoughts. Its apart of me like a disease. Not even that, Its in my dna. I was born with these defects. So much time has passed that which poisons my core sort of just blurs together. It mixes and dilutes everything else iv ever known. Creating this muddy run off of dead motivation and forgotten emotions. Devoid of any learning and self reflection. All that i learned amounted to nothing. Everyday is the same as the last. They hold no meaning and form into one long never ending slideshow of wading through the mental equivalent of shit and you're neck deep.
. Your eyes wide from the headlights of life sitting there paralyzed and unaware of others like you, sitting and staring with that same wide eyed look. Like a freight train barreling towards you creating so much noise and destroying so many things in front of you, relationships, dreams and self esteem-that it drowns out the wail of millions of other trains on track to crush their respective fool.
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2021.10.24 13:24 Fun-Information-9355 Need someone to fuck me

Dm me!
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