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Which Linux to get started with, and is it taxing on my pc?

2022.01.17 04:23 ArcaneAmulet Which Linux to get started with, and is it taxing on my pc?

Hi guys! so I'm thinking of running Linux on a virtual machine on my windows pc. Is Mint a good starting point or should I jump in with Ubuntu? Also how taxing is a virtual machine on my pc? I have a Ryzen 5 3600, RTX 2060 Super and 32GB ram.
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2022.01.17 04:23 black-cat-of-zaun [Lore Spoilers] Leitmotifs in Arcane's score

I've been listening to Arcane's score a lot and found that many scenes in Arcane are connected by recurring musical threads. Recently I've pulled apart the score to find as many leitmotifs as I can and share them with other fans of Arcane's music.
Characters: Jinx [episode 1 - Powder watches the street fight](https://youtu.be/C56R4oCHRJs?t=4)
[episode 3 - Powder's breakdown](https://youtu.be/D2Td8Yw8o2A?t=10)
[episode 3 - The monkey bomb explodes](https://youtu.be/Yiusi5dBsBg?t=21)
[episode 4 - Jinx hugs Silco after showing him the gemstone](https://youtu.be/tPDqsAI36Ho?t=931)
[episode 5 - Baptism scene](https://youtu.be/tPDqsAI36Ho?t=2163)
[episode 7 - Jinx staples her leg in her hideout](https://youtu.be/nGl_yvX2TbM?t=240)
Jayce [episode 2 - Mage flashback](https://youtu.be/0Ddk9kUi2oU?t=106)
[episode 2 - Jayce talks to his mother after his trial](https://youtu.be/tiSvL3QEvdQ?t=1999)
[episode 6 - Jayce tells Mel that Viktor is dying](https://youtu.be/tPDqsAI36Ho?t=2784)
[episode 7 - Jayce talks to his mother / hammer drawing reveal](https://youtu.be/aIhbGa4afuM?t=10)
[episode 8 - Jayce sees the massacre on the bridge](https://youtu.be/nGl_yvX2TbM?t=1805)
[episode 8 - Jayce meets Vi at his forge](https://youtu.be/PPiX3jgrMc0?t=10)
[episode 9 - Viktor tells Jayce to destroy the hexcore](https://youtu.be/VHajpx5TMMQ?t=60)
[episode 9 - Jayce and Silco negotiate](https://youtu.be/nGl_yvX2TbM?t=4086)
Viktor [episode 2 - Viktor introduces himself to Jayce](https://youtu.be/w_ruJqPxaLk?t=22)
[episode 3 - Viktor and Jayce discuss theories and decide to break into Heimerdinger's lab](https://youtu.be/IgHRJjVSXT8)
[episode 5 - Viktor experiments with hextech](https://youtu.be/8j_j2Lv2Q7c?t=9)
[episode 5 - Viktor talks to Sky](https://youtu.be/Ysg6wCUsmTc?t=34)
[episode 5 - Hospital scene](https://youtu.be/tPDqsAI36Ho?t=2196)
[episode 6 - Toy boat flashback](https://youtu.be/RMRsa-fHl18?t=36)
[episode 6 - Viktor touches the hexcore](https://youtu.be/tPDqsAI36Ho?t=2856)
[episode 6 - Viktor and Jayce present the hexcore to Heimerdinger](https://youtu.be/tPDqsAI36Ho?t=3273)
[episode 6 - Viktor returns to Singed](https://youtu.be/CIMSQb9dkIY?t=47)
[episode 7 - Viktor begins augmenting himself with the hexcore](https://youtu.be/aIhbGa4afuM?t=23)
[episode 8 - Sky's death](https://youtu.be/-x0h_s-H9_w?t=19)
[episode 9 - Viktor reads Sky's journal](https://youtu.be/QfLtU0gePQo?t=18)
[episode 9 - Viktor scatters Sky's ashes](https://youtu.be/VHajpx5TMMQ?t=20)
Silco [episode 3 - Drowning monologue](https://youtu.be/EKy0oei_czE?t=11)
[episode 3 - Silco talks to Vander in his hideout](https://youtu.be/tiSvL3QEvdQ?t=3301)
[episode 3 - The kids sneak into Silco's hideout](https://youtu.be/yVXidY6XFn0?t=44)
[episode 3 - Powder embraces Silco](https://youtu.be/hvpxVbAgJPY?t=230)
[episode 5 - Baptism scene](https://youtu.be/tPDqsAI36Ho?t=2136)
[episode 9 - Silco's death](https://youtu.be/9FAlaE267BI?t=43)
Vander [episode 3 - Vander's capture and Benzo's death](https://youtu.be/h-sVb-dkpgE?t=10)
[episode 3 - Ekko hugs Vi](https://youtu.be/tiSvL3QEvdQ?t=3173)
[episode 3 - Vander's last stand](https://youtu.be/eeEYRvb8ZUI?t=100)
[episode 9 - Silco talks to Vander's statue](https://youtu.be/0DOqYXI-vUA?t=10)
[episode 9 - Vander talks to Vi during Sevika fight](https://youtu.be/WbrcqIRuCgg?t=43)
Mel Mel seems to have two different themes, but they often overlap. The second one seems to appear in scenes where she's manipulating people or making political maneuvers.
[episode 2 - Mel talks to Elora](https://youtu.be/tiSvL3QEvdQ?t=1597)
[episode 5 - Sextech scene](https://youtu.be/Ysg6wCUsmTc?t=14)
[episode 6 - Jayce tells Mel that Viktor is dying](https://youtu.be/tPDqsAI36Ho?t=2824)
[episode 2 - Mel talks to Elora](https://youtu.be/tiSvL3QEvdQ?t=1573)
[episode 4 - Mel suggests making Jayce a councilor](https://youtu.be/tPDqsAI36Ho?t=890)
[episode 7 - Mel suggests weaponizing hextech](https://youtu.be/nGl_yvX2TbM?t=884)
Caitlyn A leitmotif from Caitlyn's [champion theme](https://youtu.be/itK7gvvxxDs?t=96) appears a few of times in Arcane.
[episode 2 - Caitlyn talks to Jayce in the rain](https://youtu.be/tiSvL3QEvdQ?t=2183)
[episode 7 - Caitlyn talks to Ekko](https://youtu.be/jPtEBc1TJKo?t=79)
[episode 7 - Caitlyn hugs Vi on the bridge](https://youtu.be/WVB1EvTFA6Y?t=63)
[Another one](https://youtu.be/itK7gvvxxDs) is also used in one instance.
[episode 4 - Airship investigation](https://youtu.be/tPDqsAI36Ho?t=512)
Ekko Part of Ekko's [champion theme](https://youtu.be/8_OSWJeVTg0?t=54) is used once in Arcane.
[episode 7 - Ekko holds off Jinx on the bridge and tells Vi to go](https://youtu.be/wwiNGk684pc?t=82)
Warwick Warwick has not yet made an appearance in Arcane, but his [hunt theme](https://youtu.be/CcP7PtDBBfI) from League is used as one of several moments of foreshadowing.
[episode 3 - Vander is dragged to the chair in Silco's hideout](https://youtu.be/tiSvL3QEvdQ?t=3426)
Other themes: Sisters Appears in scenes where the sisters' bond is the focal point.
[episode 1 - Rooftop scene](https://youtu.be/Va6fAU_G2e4?t=17)
[episode 2 - Vi gives Powder the toy rabbit and prepares to turn herself in](https://youtu.be/tiSvL3QEvdQ?t=2572)
[episode 3 - Vi leaves Powder behind and goes to rescue Vander](https://youtu.be/tiSvL3QEvdQ?t=3606)
[episode 6 - The sisters reunite](https://youtu.be/Jq-iHUZHXBU?t=15)
[episode 9 - Jinx asks Vi to kill Caitlyn](https://youtu.be/edcQzPnrHMY?t=116)
Fathers I only found this twice, and it's not identical in both tracks, but they're unmistakably similar enough that there has to be a connection. Seems to be related to Vander and Silco.
[episode 1 - Vander finds the sisters on the bridge](https://youtu.be/IYzVU6fyuno?t=57)
[episode 7 - Jinx questions Silco about Vi / stabs Silco](https://youtu.be/RwU0dM0eZp0?t=51)
Dear Friend Across The River An instrumental version of the melody from "Dear Friend Across The River" appears in a couple of scenes on the bridge.
[episode 2 - Vi talks to Vander on the bridge and decides to turn herself in](https://youtu.be/tiSvL3QEvdQ?t=2450)
[episode 7 - Aftermath of Ekko vs Jinx](https://youtu.be/eUvzvZ7V6hU?t=24)
Piltover Appears in scenes related to Piltover or its inventions.
[episode 1 - The kids look out at Piltover from the roof](https://youtu.be/cO00vwy2JWw?t=11)
[episode 1 - Powder finds the crystals](https://youtu.be/tiSvL3QEvdQ?t=464)
[episode 2 - Jayce defends his point about magic at his trial](https://youtu.be/tiSvL3QEvdQ?t=1834)
[episode 3 - Jayce and Viktor try to stabilize the crystal](https://youtu.be/tiSvL3QEvdQ?t=3644)
[episode 3 - The creation of hextech](https://youtu.be/TF0Qa1eBexI?t=56)
[episode 4 - Jayce and Heimerdinger discuss Progress Day](https://youtu.be/TbDQY0-wBeM?t=106)
[episode 4 - Jayce presents the Atlas gauntlets to Heimerdinger](https://youtu.be/L9HHPPzhUVo?t=51)
[episode 4 - Jayce's speech](https://youtu.be/Ig867khCzpU?t=39)
[episode 6 - Viktor and Jayce present the hexcore to Heimerdinger](https://youtu.be/a4WSI5WAX_g?t=54)
[episode 7 - Mel receives a letter](https://youtu.be/nGl_yvX2TbM?t=558)
[episode 8 - Jayce meets Vi at his forge](https://youtu.be/PPiX3jgrMc0?t=46)
[episode 9 - Final council meeting](https://youtu.be/_JKP9ybk194?t=35)
This is almost certainly not a complete list and I have undoubtedly missed a few things. If anyone has any more to add, or if something needs correcting, please let me know. Hope you all enjoy!
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2022.01.17 04:23 saurabhjha1211 Sad 🥺

I'm so sad , this is my fst tim in 2k22🥺🥺🥺 after 25 days
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2022.01.17 04:23 binkybrains1 The Kronosaurus skeleton at the Harvard museum of natural history.

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2022.01.17 04:23 Stormhound2101 I am trying to find a resource pack that makes villagers different.

I'm searching for a resource pack that makes the villagers make element animations sounds... That's updated for 1.18.1...
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2022.01.17 04:23 Lovresi97 GENESECT 6480 6185 0411

GENESECT 6480 6185 0411
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2022.01.17 04:23 kikivegas13 Qui a des liens MEGA à me donner svp

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2022.01.17 04:23 drakkarsh Techno ?

Are there places where playing techno? I only have been able to find dubstep events.
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2022.01.17 04:23 ZoolShop Jack Antonoff Keeps It In The Family By Using Dad For A Song – Deadline

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2022.01.17 04:23 goilda Research online tells me 11300H is new and improved but cpubenchmark tells me 10500H is better for gaming? Which one is more powerful? (Paired with a RTX 3050 GPU)

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2022.01.17 04:23 thekriptik friendlyjordies Attacks Labor

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2022.01.17 04:22 DioIsBestBoi AAHW Ninja Fan art (OC)

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2022.01.17 04:22 Avatarofjuiblex Time travelers of Reddit, what can you tell us that would lead to making the world much better in 2100 without disrupting anything else?

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2022.01.17 04:22 Pleasant-Log-5866 This helped me a lot, hope it works for someone else 🙏🏽

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2022.01.17 04:22 prawnbiryani #unsplashcats #cute #adorable #kittens #cats #followformore

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2022.01.17 04:22 blueberrybadguy Tactical small gang hit and run misadventures

For as long as I've been a pilot, tactical small gang hit and run misadventures have been my niche. I've been a part of the blob -plenty of times. I've even been known to get a solo kill or two, but nothing, and I mean nothing, scratches my itch like a half dozen folks, playing off each other strengths and weaknesses, and wreaking havoc across the stars.
Tonight was one of those nights.
I had just ignited my engines when the call came on comms. "Fleet up, were going hunting."
The plan was simple, T1 and T2 frigs. Some built for damage, some for support, and a plan to head deep into a popular staging system and take on targets of opportunity and maybe, just maybe, poke the bear.
The plan went off without a hitch. Every system we entered provided us with a target. Some we missed, some we hit, and others, well, they even hit back.
It never ceases to amaze me what a couple of capable pilots can do when responsible for flying their own ship and making their own decisions in the thick of it.
We had a great FC, tactical bookmarks, and we chose what we engaged -not the other way around. Then, the hammer dropped. Our targets had had enough, and it was time for them to respond to our belligerent attacks on their sovereign space.
Little did they know that this was exactly what we were looking for.
We continued exactly as planned. Move quick, strick quicker, and NEVER sit still. We watched them form outside their station and we picked off anyone who dared stray from the fleet. There was opportunity after opportunity, and we took every single one. They had more, they were bigger, but we were smarter.
Finally, the fight they wanted was happening, they had us, we had taken their bait. The bubble went up, their fleet aligned and warped to us as we hammered their brick-tanked battleship and then...
...the cyno went up, and the bombers came in.
At that moment I had no idea, but our FC sure did. By chance, and nearby, was another fleet looking for a reason to pounce and we had just given it to them. We poked the bear and then paraded it around as it stumbled into a trap.
They never knew what hit em, it was almost too perfect. The stars aligned and so did we. We had cleared the field and even captured a few more wayward souls on our way out.
This is what makes my heart beat, my palms sweat, and my hands shake. This is tactical small gang warfare.
This is EvE.
Tale of the tape: https://zkillboard.com/corporation/1081304772/
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2022.01.17 04:22 JPhomeartadventures Diagnosis advice

I have long time suspected that I might have endo. My period pain has alway been just horrendous off birth control along with several other endo signs. Currently I have an IUD to help manage pain. If I was to seek a diagnosis with an endo care place would anyone recommend I get off my IUD so I can properly log my periods to build a case for surgery? I still have some pain and irregularities while on my IUD but it is not nearly as bad as it was before.
I’ll be honest, I feel like I can’t live a functional birth control free life. While off it I was constantly getting sent home from work places ( yes I’ve had multiple bosses notice my level of pain and tell me to go home)I’m 32 and might want kids sometime in the next 5 years and I’m trying to decide if this is something I should address first. Mainly because I can’t imagine being off birth control for a few years in order to try.
I guess this is a kinda roundabout way to ask for advice on if I should just go for the diagnosis and surgery now or just keep on keeping on with the birth control. How long does it take to get scheduled for a lap? Do I need an MRI first?
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2022.01.17 04:22 a_single_weed1 Memphis - Releasing in a few days for TSE Classic :D

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2022.01.17 04:22 xTouny Initiating a study-group for Imperial's Math for Machine Learning Book

I am looking for other students to join me in learning Part 1 of Mathematics for Machine Learning book. Namely:

Part I: Mathematical Foundations Introduction and Motivation Linear Algebra Analytic Geometry Matrix Decompositions Vector Calculus Probability and Distribution Continuous Optimization
Our goal is mainly on preliminary Math, Not machine-learning itself. The content requires some familiarity with learning applied math materials.
If you lack background in math, Then you might focus more on easier topics. Students coming from non-CS background are highly welcomed, including engineering, physics, and biology. Especially if they were interested in computational methods. We hope they contribute to CS students a new perspective about applying math/computation to science.
We hope to initiate a community, Where you can mutually contribute and benefit from others' experiences, skills, and backgrounds. You are welcome to ask questions, share your solutions to be reviewed by others, and even suggest further problems/topics.
We plan to complete a section of the book on one month, and have 1 hour meeting per week. There is no obligation to attend all meetings, solve the whole course's problem-set, or to respond to every question posed. Learn and engage with other members at your own suitable pace.
My availability is limited to 2 weeks per month, but other students are welcomed to collaborate at any time.
Join by submitting this google form.
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2022.01.17 04:22 cujw98 Was thinking about starting a Reddit Cobra Kai group chat if anyone wants to be added to it!🐍

This is unless someone has already made a group chat that I don't know about. Lol
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2022.01.17 04:22 doodlesbyblush Can you buy a twsbi piston unit

I took apart my twsbi eco to wash it since the demonstrator part was ink stained. While trying to put it back together, I ruined one of the threaded pieces. Now the pen doesn’t function correctly. Twisting the top doesn’t work because when I hit the bad part of the thread the top just jumps off the thread.
My question: can I buy just the piston mechanism or do I need a new pen? This was the $50 special rose gold, so if I need to buy a new pen, I’d probably get a regular twsbi eco for $34 and take it part for pieces
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2022.01.17 04:22 Nervous-Risk-5557 Someone gifted me this leather bracelet before I had Covid. It now fits my ankle.

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2022.01.17 04:22 burtzev [Россия/Russia] (русский/English translation in comments) 17 января на лектории "Автоном" расскажут о женской организации в испанской революции///On January 17, at the lecture hall "Autonom" will talk about the women's organization in the Spanish revolution | Автоном/Avtonom

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2022.01.17 04:22 ScallywagBeowulf A Nebraska Tale: A Zach Wolfley Update

A Nebraska Tale: A Zach Wolfley Update Hey everyone,
Hope all of you have been well over the past few days, I wanted to share some of the things that have happened in my year and a half at Nebraska with Zach Wolfley, their new OC.
In his first year, Wolfley helped them to an 11-3 (7-2) record, with a last-minute Cotton Bowl victory over Texas in overtime. He benched the original starting QB halfway through the season, to put in the Freshman, Logan Smothers, in which he helped them to win the Cotton Bowl, with the last minute throw into the corner of the endzone, completing a comeback against Texas, as Nebraska had been down 21-13 at halftime and then 28-13 halfway through the third quarter. It truly was a great bowl game to play.
Going into the offseason, Wolfley had quite a number of new recruits join the roster, including freshman wide receiver, Adam Thompson. No transfers or anything during the offseason, but we were able to build the team up more and went into year two with a vastly improved offense, thanks to our performance in year 1.
Year 2 has gone about as well as you would hope, with most games being somewhat close, but still being victories in the end, with my most recent game being played being against Michigan at home in Lincoln, coming out with a 44-41 victory, moving to 3-0 in conference play and 7-0 on the year so far. Here's an article that was written after the game:
"The Nebraska Cornhuskers have taken down the Michigan Wolverines, at home, 44 to 41, moving their home win record to an 11 game win streak. Logan Smothers goes 20 for 25 on the day, throwing for 318 yards, 3 touchdowns, and an interception, while running for another 60 and adding another rushing touchdown. Running back Rahmir Johnson also had a great day, rushing for 136 yards and 2 touchdowns, while receiving for 75 yards and a touchdown (which came on a screenpass at the beginning of the game). Wide receiver Adam Thompson had 78 yards of receiving on the day, with tight end Chris Hickman also gaining 36 yards and a touchdown. In total, 9 wide receivers had a pass thrown their way in some form or fashion during this game, allowing for movement of the ball down the field with ease. The OC Zach Wolfley, when asked about the team's performance, said the following:
"I'm very proud of the guy's effort and drive today during the game. They showed outstanding abilities and Smothers showed amazing leadership among the team on the field and on the sidelines, pumping up the team and the crowd during crucial third down plays. I couldn't be happier with the team."
When asked about Michigan's performance, Wolfley responded, "I guess Wolverines aren't meant to fly," referencing his style of the Air Raid, "But Cornhuskers are."
With this win, Nebraska will move into the first place spot in the Big Ten and will be facing Minnesota in Lincoln next weekend."
It's been going very well so far and I have really enjoyed bringing the Air Raid to Nebraska and helping turn the program around so quickly. I'll post another update in the future if anything else major happens.
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2022.01.17 04:22 CloudrayLaser Design from Farid.120 by 120cm 9 layers - mdf 3mm-Made by co2 laser machine

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